Home Visits

Home visit requests must be made before 10.00am where possible. Home visits are made if clinically indicated and are at the doctors’ discretion. For this reason, visits can only be offered to terminally ill patients and/or those patients who are genuinely house-bound or too ill to attend the surgery. A doctor will triage any home visit requests prior to visiting to ensure a visit is needed.

It is always preferable if patients can try to come to the surgery where the best facilities are available.

Where possible the practice will recommend the local Community Treatment Team (CTT) to visit those people who are experiencing an acute, physical health crisis, for example: exacerbation of infections or worsening of long term conditions such as COPD and falls without injuries. The community treatment team (CTT) works with adults in the community with an acute physical need who could potentially be treated at home.

For more information on the CTT and how to contact them, please use the link below.

Community treatment team- BDHVRB | NELFT NHS Foundation Trust